Becoming a Product Tester

I’ve been a member of a few sites for a while – some send me shipments of product samples or vouchers regularly and some are a waste of time… I set out on a mission today to find more!  Check it out:

I have had GREAT success with these:


BzzAgent (keep up with your surveys and reviews and you will receive stuff from them regularly!)


Courtesy of DealiciousMom, I registered for these TODAY!



Kraft First Taste (they want to send an e-newsletter every day though… we’ll see how long that lasts!)



House Party (sign up to host parties with your friends and they send you everything you need in a  PartyBox! Favors, snacks, decor, games, invitations, sometimes even liquor or beer).


Other Sites I found (mostly through Twitter networks from the ones above):

Smiley360  (Navigating this site is tricky but the reviews say once you get used to the poor layout, you receive offers often)



I’ll keep updating which of these are hits and which are misses!







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